Artist Bio
During her childhood, Gayland's father was in the Navy, so this time was spent in several different interesting locations. Sadly, he retired when she approached the teen years and these were spent in a small town in the Florida Panhandle. She attended Florida State University, majoring in Advertising Design a full lifetime ago. Thankfully married a very supportive husband and produced a near perfect child. They decided not to push their luck and he remained a single digit.

Over the years Gayland became a part of the retail show scene. Some of these being better than others. First in Tallahassee and then moving to North Carolina. She designed pillows on a freelance basis for the Velco Pillow Co. in Hickory, N.C. for several years. This helped her to focus on certain areas in the design process.

She tries to find unusual, high-quality fabrics for use in her pillows. A few of her favorite companies that produce these fabrics are the Lunn Fabric Co., Skydyes Co., and the Cherrywood Co. Not always being able to obtain special fabrics has involved her in experimenting in the production process herself. She enjoys hand-dying, hand-painting, and airbrushing fabrics, but does not have the amount of time it requires to produce such fabrics in any large quantity. She runs a one person studio fondly referred to as the sweatshop.

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