Painted Pillows
All designs are original and are copyrighted. The designs are hand painted with outline quilting around each design by hand, machine or a combination of both. The paint will not fade or come off.

Recommended cleaning - remove the pillow form from the double backing and machine wash and dry the pillow. Iron if necessary but not directly on the painted surface. The material used is weaver's cloth, which is a poly-cotton blend and holds up very well. These pillows are photographed without pillow forms but are sold complete with pillow forms. The price of each painted pillow is $37.50 which includes shipping and taxes within the U.S.

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2i. butterflies
2ai. beetles
2z. iris / poppies
2aa. iris / poppies
2a. giraffe
2b. monkey
2c. toucan
2d. flamingo
2e. tropical fish
2ae. parrot

2f. hummingbirds
2g. wrens
2ab. chickadee
2ah. wildflowers
2n. baby turtles
2p. shells
2ad. dolphin / manatee
2q. pandas
2t. rabbit
2v. fish #4
2w. fish #5
2x. turtles - green
2y. turtles - peach
2ac. frog
2aj. rainforest frog
2ag. lizard
2ak. chipmunk

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