Medicaid Health Plans of America

The Medicaid program is evolving, and MHPA’s member health plans are at the front lines, relentlessly innovating to improve outcomes and to better support and engage enrollees. In just a few years, Medicaid is projected to be a trillion-dollar program, acutely challenging both federal and state governments to rethink and reevaluate the 57-year-old partnership. MHPA22 will convene managed care executives from across the country, forward-thinking state and federal policymakers, and the beneficiaries we proudly serve to collaboratively move Medicaid and managed care forward to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead.



We are excited to announce that the MHPA 2022 Annual Conference will take place on September 14-16 in Phoenix, AZ. We have contracted with the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown on a special rate for MHPA22 attendees. Please mark your calendars and book your room here!

MHPA’s Annual Conference is the largest Medicaid Managed Care conference and is a must-attend event to discuss all things Medicaid. At this event, you’ll learn the latest policy developments, share best practices and network in a Medicaid-only setting that won’t be found at any other conference.

MHPA Members serve nearly 43 million Medicaid enrollees in 40 states, DC and Puerto Rico. Our members include both for-profit and non-profit, national and regional, as well as single-state health plans that compete in the Medicaid market. MHPA represents the industry with advocacy and research, and MHPA22 will highlight the work of our members and partners throughout the past year and into the future!

We hope you’ll join us in September to learn what is happening across the country in Medicaid policy!


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