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Improving Whole-Person Health and Well-Being Across All Communities and Populations

How and where we live, work, and learn has been shown to contribute as much, if not more, to our overall well-being than physical health. But even as the importance of Social Determinants (SDoH) is recognized, it is still quite difficult for service providers from the various care systems to connect and work together across behavioral, social services, and medical services.

Our mission-critical scenarios are as clear as they are heartbreaking: A young family battles food insecurity while living in a food desert. Lack of paratransit services force a disabled senior to “no-show” her last two medical appointments. And the epidemics of behavioral health issues like substance misuse, depression and untreated PTSD continue to haunt entire communities

Our Background

The name ‘NinePatch’ is derived from quilting, and we feel it embodies our platform on multiple levels.

Most directly, NinePatch is a type of quilting pattern, which conveys the concept of many different elements coming together to form a greater whole. We feel this is a good description of our ‘Care Team’ model, as well as the coming together of the healthcare, behavioral, and social service organizations in the community.

On a more tactile level, we feel NinePatch also evokes warmth, comfort, and home, reflecting the importance of family and household in feelings of security and safety. That said, the piecemeal quality of quilts also reflects the truth of life being ‘messy’ – an ongoing work in progress.

Lastly, from a historical point of view, quilting has a long tradition in many North American and World cultures of being used as a means of familial and communal storytelling, creating bonds across generations. To us, this aspect of the craft is a constant reminder to be more active in improving health equity across all communities.

NinePatch is certainly more than just a name to us. It’s a reflection of our goals around Social Determinants and improving whole-person health and well-being across all communities and populations.

The Solutions

Meet NinePatch

Whole Person Care platform built to boost community-wide health, wellness and equity by piercing through silos and enabling cross-sector collaboration.​

Award-winning “Whole Person” client profile. Closed-loop referrals, intelligent resource directory, screening and case management tools. Plus powerful, customizable dashboards, reporting and available community engagement services.

Ask About Us

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2019 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation​
SDoH Innovation Prize – Silver Medal​

Key Differentiators

Highly-visual and Intuitive

Our patent-pending OneView and Household & Social Connections graphs convey complex information in seconds.

‘Enter Once’ Interoperability

Robust data integrations with multiple systems (MPI, ADT, 211, SSO, etc.) powered by a team with unparalleled interoperability experience and expertise.

Tailored Resources

Closed-loop referrals ensure that needs are met and services are tracked as part of our PDSA-based Practice Model.

Robust Data Access Controls

Industry-leading Identity & Consent Management engine encompassing a ‘multi-variable equation’ of data access parameters.

Modular & Configurable

NinePatch was purpose-built knowing that every community has its own combination of needs and tools; in architecture (APIs), in branding (white-label) and in content (Form Builder).

Industry specific solutions

For Providers

For Payers

For Government

For Communities

For HIEs

For Tribes


Meeting Customer Needs, Ensuring Interoperability, and Delivering the Results Your Organization Needs is Our Priority

Contact Us for an In-Depth Look at
How NinePatch Works


Contact Us for an In-Depth Look at
How NinePatch Works