Software solutions that stitch healthcare and community services together to improve whole person care outcomes and well-being for individuals and populations for a better tomorrow

Health related social needs software improves outcomes, care delivery, and reduces care costs by simplifying referral coordination between payers, providers, government, and community organizations. NinePatch interoperability solutions simplifies building partnerships and engaging in local communities with software solutions and community convener services.

What Are Health Related Social Needs?

Are you a community-based, clinical, payer, state or government organization sharing data to increase access to health and social care?  If so, health related social needs impact every life. The needs of each community are as different as the people living there.

While payers and providers routinely speak in medical terms, use billing and reimbursement codes, and provide treatment— engaging with care systems can be intimidating for consumers and patients.

At NinePatch, we understand how life circumstances or health changes affect individuals and their families. We also share the pain points experienced by healthcare systems and social providers who want to do more but might feel limited by constraints. Our health related social needs software reduces time spent coordinating care and making referrals.

Join us to become the collective voice that improves health and well-being in local communities and worldwide. 

Social Determinants of Health

Social determinants of health (SDOH) significantly impact the well-being of persons with economic and social needs, chronically ill, and aging populations. Yet, addressing these factors can be challenging without coordinated support between health and community providers.

Studies show that only 20% of health results from access to healthcare services. The remaining 80% is attributable to non-medical factors, such as health behaviors, socio-economic conditions, and the physical environment. By using health related social needs software, organizations can address needs that have the greatest impact.

Time is Precious

NinePatch health related social needs software solutions help you easily and quickly coordinate clinical care that is affected by social determinants of health. Our second-generation software solutions support interoperability so organizations can aggregate data for evidence-based decision-making.

NinePatch® Whole Person Care


Streamline care coordination with no wrong door support, robust identity consent, SDOH screening tools, reporting, and time-saving referral processes.

NinePatch® Community Convener Services


Collaborate with public, private, and community providers to foster high-value care coordination and referrals. Simplify the steps for beneficiaries, members, patients, clients, and consumers to receive support services.



Initiate and close the loop on in and out-of-network clinical or social care referrals regardless of an organization’s technical capabilities.

Ensuring interoperability, ease of close-loop referrals, consent management, and other one-of-a-kind features places the needs of consumers and patients first so that health and social care providers can help more people.

The NinePatch Difference

Software solutions that transfer data between qualified health information networks (QHINS), health information exchanges (HIES), electronic health records (EHRS), and social care networks are components that support care coordination and decrease costs. We partner with you to improve well-being and quality of life by stitching together clinical and community partnerships.

Because One-of-a-Kind Doesn’t Fit All

We realize that the needs of every community, patient, and client are different. Our health related social needs software solutions work inside yours. There’s no need to change systems or programs already in place.

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A Lot Happens Between Sun-Up and Sun-Down

Do you wonder if clients and patients follow up when they leave your office? Managing chronic health conditions and the effects of social needs can no longer be viewed as isolated incidents but as integral components of delivering whole person care.

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