Our Common Thread is Our

The NinePatch® Story

The NinePatch story originates from the Nine Patch quilt pattern. With so many social determinants affecting individual health care needs, getting the right whole person care to everyone is a complex and messy challenge.

It’s a puzzle that requires the perfect synergy of compassion and know-how to solve.

There is no shortage of available providers out there. But too often they work in different sectors and use technologies that limit coordinating care for persons facing economic, social, health, education, or environmental disparities.

NinePatch software solutions bridge these gaps so organizations can offer health and community services where they’re needed most. This is why we named our company after the Nine Patch quilt pattern.

Nine Patch quilts combine mismatched squares of cloth that look like they would never go together. The material is stitched into intricate-patterned quilts that are as beautifully simple as they are warm and comforting. In this way, quilts are visual stories of lived experiences, family life, and traditions.

Our Robert Wood Johnson award-winning software paints a similar story that combines clinical and social care through a singular One View.

Similarly, NinePatch software pairs diverse medical, behavioral, and social care systems combining them into a seamless interoperable platform. Together, we reduce the complexities of improving whole person health care and well-being.

By stitching together all of these different elements, NinePatch solutions—Whole Person Care, RIE™, and Community Convener Services—we facilitate the exchange of information and collaborative relationships to provide care and supportive services for everyone including, underserved populations.

Our Common Thread is Our Compassion

As we talk with healthcare industry leaders, colleagues,  patients, and clients, all feel compelled to share their experiences and involvement with health and community services. Each individual has a NinePatch story to share about why they do what they do.

These stories have value. Human connection—threaded by common bonds and blended with compassion—leads to a shared understanding of lived experiences of who we are and how we see the world.

Like Nine Patch quilts that combine diverse materials and patterns, NinePatch software brings people together. Partnerships that advance interoperability can reduce health disparities by creating roadmaps, systems, processes, and policies to support health equity for all.

NinePatch white-labeled software solutions

The NinePatch Approach

NinePatch is rooted in creating software solutions that work across healthcare ecosystems. From concept to final implementation, Whole Person Care was designed by brilliant software developers and a health information exchange network to address health, behavioral, and social care.

We understand that government, payer, and provider organizations face many demands including time limitations, staffing, workflows, documentation, patient outcomes, risk assessments, budgets, regulations, governance, and financial sustainability.

NinePatch products are white-labeled and customizable so that our customers present as leaders advancing health and social care.


Our Approach to Collaboration and Service is Transparent and Based Upon

    • Belief that the patient should be at the center of and benefit from efforts to ensure interoperability throughout the United States
    • A vision of One View, creating 360-degree visibility into a patient’s health and social needs so that providers can work together
    • Shared understanding that providing care and coordinating services cannot be solved organization by organization but must be fashioned across organizations while balancing self-interest
    • Awareness that complacency is a threat to progress in health and social care
    • Passion and dedication that fuels ongoing efforts to improve data exchange capabilities and build multi-industry partnerships

Everyone Has a NinePatch Story

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