Referral Information Exchange

Referral Information Exchange, RIE™, links clinicians with community-based organizations offering programs and services to address social determinants of health. The referral information exchange platform simplifies data exchange data across organizations—both in-network and out-of-network.

With the recent focus by CMS —including the Whole Person Care Pilot Program and the Accountable Health Communities Model—plus The Joint Commission 2023 requirements, reducing healthcare disparities and increasing focus on health related social needs is a growing priority.

Cross-sector collaboration and referral platform interoperability is necessary to advance SDOH initiatives because states and local communities have multiple health information exchanges or referral platforms.

RIE transfers health record information and social needs referrals across organizations regardless of technical capability. The program serves as an invisible interface for data transmission.


RIE Closes the Referral Loop

Referral information exchange increases awareness and knowledge of programs and services. RIE makes it easy for clinical providers to send referrals to community based resources for patients with social needs. Community based organizations also become more aware and likely to refer to of available health and medical services.

Completing SDOH assessments allows clinical and social organizations to identify and prioritize health, social, and behavioral needs. Based on needs identification, clinicians refer patients to appropriate community-based organizations. Accordingly, CBOs refer to provider organizations and provide care coordination updates.

When RIE sends referrals, receipt of a closed-loop response is received in minutes. The response confirms whether organizations accept, decline, or recommend a different referral partner.

Best of all, there are no more hours on the phone to track down referrals. Physicians, nurses, and social workers no longer worry about whether patients followed through when they leave the office. Referral information exchange creates a record that documents the exchange and receipt of clinical and social referrals. 


The End of Industry Silos

Roadblocks and organizational or industry silos don’t apply when Referral Information Exchange brokers referral traffic between platforms. Health and Community Information Exchanges can extend their reach because disparate systems speak to each other through the RIE invisible interface.

Partnering NinePatch® Whole Person Care with RIE allows payers and providers to retrieve and analyze SDOH beneficiary data. Data sharing between health and social organizations can identify members with high acuity needs. Community-based organizations can monitor food, housing, and other conditions that impact health scores and quality measures by coordinating service delivery.

Cross-Sector Collaboration

RIE is the referral information exchange platform that builds collaboration between clinical and community-based organizations. There are no limits to what a provider can accomplish because RIE doesn’t add work or complexity.

Like frosting between the layers of a cake, the software layers along existing platforms and referral systems. Whether you are a payer, multi-site healthcare organization, a physician’s office, community health center, or a transportation site, referral information exchange helps improve health and social care.


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