Safeguarding Data & Protecting Patient Information

James (Jim) Calanni, Director of Compliance, Security, and Solutions Delivery, leads the NinePatch® approach to compliance, security, and solutions. Jim has a successful career that spans more than 25 years in developing and directing enterprise-wide implementations of health and social care information initiatives with companies serving Medicaid and Medicare populations. 

Jim has held corporate leadership positions, including CIO/CTO, Legal, Compliance, and Security Program directorships with public and private entities.  He has a Juris Doctorate (JD) in Law from Western State, a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), and a Bachelor of Science (BS) from the University of New Mexico, with undergraduate work at the University of Texas at Austin.  

When not working, Jim enjoys spending as much time as possible with his family. Other interests include playing piano and gardening. In addition, he remains active by snowboarding, golfing, and bowling. You will also find him in the community giving his time to disability and animal rescue organizations. 

The NinePatch Approach

Success in compliance, security, and solutions delivery emerges through shared interests and teamwork. Jim has a welcoming and collaborative spirit. He believes that combining different perspectives and expertise results in better outcomes.  

Compliance and regulatory affairs influence the development and delivery of social and health information initiatives. Jim monitors industry Issues to support top-notch solutions delivery. 

Information security for internal processes and customer software solutions is a company priority. Company stakeholders, organizational partners, and Customers and their program beneficiaries can be confident of efforts by NinePatch compliance, security, and solutions delivery to manage a highly secure environment that protects sensitive information.  

NinePatch Whole Person Care provides a secure platform with varying levels of consent. In addition, the program supports data exchange and care coordination between team members. As a result, users can be confident knowing that patient and client privacy is protected and respected. 

In combination with the Director of Product Design, Jim’s efforts focus on the product development life cycle related to human experience. From product development to contract deployment, successful delivery, and ongoing customer account management, Jim is instrumental as a member of the high-performing NinePatch team with his focus on compliance, security, and solutions. 

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