User-Centered Design Focus

Jeffrey Greene, Director of Product and Design, leads the NinePatch® approach to product design. Jeffrey has promoted design thinking and created highly usable, user-centered designs for cloud-based business and healthcare applications for more than 15 years. 

His most recent product designs include NinePatch® Whole Person Care—a winner of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation ‘Innovation in SDOH’ Silver Medal in 2019—and RIE™ (Referral Information Exchange).  

His passion is designing and deploying SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions that improve access to quality healthcare by supporting underserved populations. Attention to the smallest detail is driven by an understanding that software designs must develop solutions step-by-step to address human needs.

His approach to product and design work at Stella Technology delivered the Equinox telemedicine application, which uses technology to improve access to healthcare in rural and otherwise underserved parts of the Middle East and Africa. At Quantros, he designed a Patient Safety application, implemented by over a thousand hospitals, that uses a patented natural-language approach to categorize and document ‘never events.’  

Jeffrey earned his Master’s degree from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design. When not skydiving or doing a polar bear dive into icy waters—admittedly to raise money for CDKL5 research—Jeffrey and his family call San Francisco home.    

Approach to Product and Design

Approach to Product and Design

NinePatch approaches product design and solutions with a passion for serving all persons across all communities in the United States and worldwide. Greene believes that interoperable solutions for clinical and social referrals and care coordination can advance efforts to solve healthcare disparities.  

The company offers white-label software solutions so that organizations can take the lead in support of cross-sector care coordination, referrals, and collaboration to support patient and client needs.  

Greene believes that the existing lack of trust between consumers and healthcare systems may be mended by increased support for patient and client needs. His mission around the creation of NinePatch® Whole Person Care is highly personal.  

As a parent of a child with an ultra-rare neurological condition (CDKL5), Jeffrey and his wife know first-hand the enormous challenges and burdens experienced by family caregivers. Coordinating with a myriad of providers— doctors, specialists, teachers, paras, physical therapists, specialty pharmacies, and medical equipment dealers— on behalf of their daughter has been an ongoing learning experience.  

Insight into the stress and mental health needs of persons struggling with health or SDOH (Social Determinants of Health) needs has ignited excellence in designing NinePatch software solutions. In addition, this personal experience has given greater insight, empathy, and urgency to his work as an advocate for improving equity and access to care for those in need.   

Jeffrey leads the product and design team to configure software that meets the goals and aspirations of organizations working on expanding access to health and social care. His leadership and dedication raise company standards to support product and customer service excellence.  


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