Health Related Social Needs Initiatives

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Health Related Social Needs Initiatives

NinePatch® White-Labeled Software Supports Local Community Initiatives

Knoxville, TN, USA – February 24, 2023. NinePatch® advances health related social needs initiatives with a complete solution for SDOH screening, consent, data reporting, closed-loop referrals, and community convener services. The company’s white-labeled sdoh software promotes local community initiatives. 

National quality and standard initiatives announced by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), NCQA (National Commission for Quality Assurance), and the Joint Commission highlight a focus on health-related social needs that arise from social determinants of health circumstances.

While community-based organizations provide social support for food, housing, education, income, transportation, and safe neighborhoods—clinical health organizations are becoming more active in screening for sdoh needs.  

Social Determinants of Health Circumstances Translate to Clinical Care Needs

According to Leigh Sterling-Gooden, President, and CEO, “We have watched as the need to better identify and address social factors that impact a person’s health are moving from being a focus of community-based organizations to a priority of state and federal governments, payers, health care systems, hospitals, and physicians.

Our second-generation software solutions—Whole Person Care and RIE™ complemented by Community Convener Services— enable a systematic approach to assess and deliver coordinated, cross-community care between medical, mental health, behavioral health, and social care organizations.” 

Social determinants of health represent 80% of life-influencing health outcomes. Both providers and payers are moving toward efforts that extend beyond clinical care to include identifying social circumstances. Linking life circumstances to health can improve outcomes and interventional strategies. All age groups, from infants to the elderly, are affected by health-related social needs, including dual-eligible Medicare and Medicaid populations. 

NinePatch Brings Communities Together

NinePatch software solutions are white-labeled. This means that organizations can brand the software to focus on local initiatives supporting interoperability, cross-collaboration, care coordination, and combining referral networks. This no-wrong door approach bring communities together including organizations that may not have advanced software capabilities. 

A recently released NinePatch video, What Are Health Related Social Needs,” recognizes the contributions of traditional healthcare and social organizations to reduce health disparities. The company’s updated website features blog articles with education about healthcare interoperability, health and and social care.   

Sterling-Gooden says, “Partnerships designed to facilitate shared reimbursements across medical, mental health, behavioral health, and social care organizations can advance health-related social needs initiatives and create financially sustainable programs.

Most importantly, NinePatch Whole Person Care implementations in states such as Tennessee, California, and Colorado are demonstrating improved outcomes for clients served by their community organization who are coordinating cross-community care.” 

The NinePatch SDOH solutions suite of Whole Person Care, RIE, and Community Convener Services supports:

  • Whole person care to reduce fragmented, inefficient, and inequitable care.  
  • Interoperability for cross-community care coordination and referrals between health and social care organizations regardless of software disparities.
  • Local on the ground support with Community Convener Services to facilitate implementation, partnership building, and financial sustainability.  

To learn more about NinePatch health related social needs software solutions, visit the NinePatch website or schedule a demo.  


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