NinePatch® Selected by Knoxville Academy of Medicine

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NinePatch Selected by Knoxville Academy of Medicine

NinePatch® Solutions to Streamline Care Coordination and Referrals for the Knoxville Academy of Medicine

KNOXVILLE, TN, USA, July 7, 2022 —NinePatch® selected by Knoxville Academy of Medicine.

The Knoxville Academy of Medicine Foundation (KAMF), a community-focused non-profit based in Knoxville, Tennessee, announced the selection of NinePatch, the award-winning community health platform, to serve as the Whole Person Care (WPC) referral and care coordination solution for the Tennessee Community Resource Network (TCRN).

“KAMF sought a solution to the coordinated information sharing and closed-loop referral process within and between medical, behavioral, and social health domains, allowing collaborative organizations to address gaps in needed services, care coordination, and wellness from a whole person perspective,” said Danielle Sims, Executive Director.

“Our organization has deep experience with community collaboration and governance. We leveraged that experience and understanding of our community’s needs to find a tool to help us meet our collective goals. NinePatch Whole Person Care exceeded all of our expectations.”

According to Leigh Sterling-Gooden, President and CEO of NinePatch, “KAMF, along with their strategic partner etHIN, the region’s robust Health Information Exchange, are both deeply experienced in assessing the needs of the citizens they serve in eastern Tennessee.  Together, they have a well-documented history of coordinating their community of care to implement impactful initiatives that really move the needle toward improved health outcomes. NinePatch is very excited to begin work with these experienced partners to address Whole Person Care and health equity in Tennessee.”

“We have reached the point where our community is eager to engage, and we have chosen the perfect partner to help us with this project,” said Kim Weaver, KAM CEO/EVP. “The NinePatch team has been a delight to work with and has already shown their willingness to be flexible. Given the momentum with TCRN, we anticipate rapid growth, and we are confident they are ready to grow with us.”

The NinePatch platform has been successfully implemented in numerous other regions across the country.  In 2019, NinePatch won second place out of 114 teams nationally in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s SDoH innovation competition.

For more information: Visit the Knoxville Academy of Medicine, contact Danielle Sims at, or call 865-531-2766 Ext. 2430.

For more information about Whole Person Care, RIE, or Community Convener Services contact NinePatch, Inc. at 833-9PATCH1 x 710.


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