NinePatch® Announces a New SDOH Product: RIE™

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NinePatch® Announces the Availability of RIE™ Referral Information Exchange To Facilitate Cross-Community Referrals

KNOXVILLE, TN, USA, July 7, 2022—NinePatch® Announces a New SDOH Product: RIE™  NinePatch® announces its new social determinants of health (SDOH) technology solution, the RIE™, Referral Information Exchange, clearinghouse hub.

As the community information exchange (CIE) market matures, the proliferation of referral platforms has accelerated. Like the rapid growth of health information exchanges (HIEs) years ago, making cross-community referrals can be problematic when multiple organizations in a single service area use different sdoh tools that create data silos.

Each referral platform can only see its own in-network partner referral activity. Yet patients may routinely need services from agencies or providers using an out-of-network different platform. The need for interoperability between referral platforms is more important now than before.

“We are leveraging our pioneering work by introducing a new sdoh product to connect communities. There is often more than one referral platform implemented in a single community. Similarly, different electronic health record (EHR) systems are found within a region. Piercing the silos created by community providers using different platforms to exchange referral and assessment information is critical to ensure a more cohesive, informed, and operationally manageable ecosystem.

That is why we built the NinePatch RIE™, a ‘next generation’ stand-alone, SDOH interoperability solution and clearinghouse hub which can broker referral traffic between referral platforms. NinePatch is the first company to offer this needed functionality,” said NinePatch President and CEO Leigh Sterling-Gooden.

The new sdoh product, RIE, is an ideal solution for any organization charged with curating a single individual’s health record from multiple data sources across medical, social, and behavioral health sectors.

Health Information Exchanges can easily layer the RIE alongside their current platform and incorporate data from all referral platforms in their coverage area. Payers, including commercial and government-based (Medicare and Medicaid), now have a platform to collect data about their beneficiaries from multiple referral platforms.

Community Information Exchanges benefit from the RIE to better serve vulnerable populations. There is no need to straddle disconnected platforms. When combined with the NinePatch Whole Person Care platform, organizations can offer care coordination and referral solutions for organizations without a current tool, regardless of their technical capabilities.

To learn more about RIE or to request a demo of the new sdoh product, email or call 833-9PATCH1 x 710.


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